Whats in your water?

Our Kairos Now


Yashua forged the path to peace and union with our Abba Father in the kingdom, that no man on Earth could ever accomplish. The path can be looked upon as this river gorge in the desert. This is the rivers way, truth and
life. This river, the water that it consist of has cut its way deep down into the plateau bed rock over eons of time and consistant pressure from the flow. All that is water, will return over the course of time, to the sea where it began the journey. Recycling as one continuous flowing body to the source. The water itself molecules upon molecules, trillions upon trillions of them were once in the oceans, through transformation processes water traverses around the globe and rains back down to Earth in its cycle of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and the transpiration of the eco-systems of the planet. Jesus says to us…

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No endings, just new beginnings


The entire material universe speaks of God’s love, his boundless affection for us. Soil, water, mountains: everything is, as it were, a caress of God. The history of our friendship with God is always linked to particular places which take on an intensely personal meaning; we all remember places, and revisiting those memories does us much good. Anyone who has grown up in the hills or used to sit by the spring to drink, or played outdoors in the neighborhood square; going back to these places is a chance to recover something of their true selves.
Pope Francis

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Whats in your water?


Yashua forged the path to peace and union with our Abba Father in the kingdom, that no man on Earth could ever accomplish. The path can be looked upon as this river gorge in the desert. This is the rivers way, truth and
life. This river, the water that it consist of has cut its way deep down into the plateau bed rock over eons of time and consistant pressure from the flow. All that is water, will return over the course of time, to the sea where it began the journey. Recycling as one continuous flowing body to the source. The water itself molecules upon molecules, trillions upon trillions of them were once in the oceans, through transformation processes water traverses around the globe and rains back down to Earth in its cycle of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and the transpiration of the eco-systems of the planet. Jesus says to us, I am the vine you are the branches.(John 15:5),( Isaiah 55:10-12). He is the source of life, He is the Word poured out for us. It can be said that we are water. Our physical, mental and spiritual bodies are comprised of of water. Drinking the Word of God gives life to our spiritual body. We essentially become the living Word of God through transformation and renewel. (Romans 12:2) Our minds are like water, raging seas at times, calm and cool at others, choppy, tubulant, spouting up, spouting down, spiraling and cycling, it may be warm or hot at different times. The mind is an ocean of thoughts, ideas, memories and calculations. What we put into our minds is tantamount to what will come out in our words, actions and deeds spilling out to the world and those around us. Yeshua wants us to become unmovable and unshakable. Level with Him living in his love, no matter the situation at hand in the moment. Not oscillating between good and not so good in thoughts and the feelings associated with eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We must hear the Gospel, believe the Gospel, receive His Holy Spirit, fusing us purifying us in the refiners fire with Himself as one new creation. We become the water flowing in the desert, the word made elements(flesh). We become His vessel of water to be poured out and filled again in contiuous cycle. What an awesome God we have, will you say? We are the walking, talking, free flowing word of God, watering those around us who are in the parched dry in the desert lanscape(secular world) inside ourselves without him.

I lived or rather was dead in the river of deceit. My life was the dead sea. Not drinkable, sustaining no life, polluted, toxic and corrisive. I was a being that was deceived and deceiving others onward toward my fate.
A water way filled with disapointments, brokeness, depression, anger, control, bondage, emptiness, fear, falsehood, addictions, loss and death. I knew nothing else and believed nothing else existed. The words(water) and deeds that poured fourth out from me was overall poison to my others and to the enviroment around me. I had no respect.(James 3:11, Job 6:15-17, Jeremiah 15:18, Psalms 137:1-3, Gènesis 41:1-3, Isaiah 18:1, Jeremiah 48:20, 51:63,64). We are all on course in fashion according to the river we are flowing in. The body of water that we are, a channeled path is forged. It is either cursed or blessed by way of free choice, free will. Am I a proverbial well of bitter waters or sweet waters? Am I willing(Speaking) words of life and love or deceit, death and destruction? Am I living the will of God, which is the Word of God? Putting myself into subjection to His commandments, dying to myself daily? He who spoke all things into existence (John 1). YESHUA whom YAHWEH sat at His own right hand, pours love, mercy, grace, reconcilliation, salvation, new life, new purpose upon all who will drink His waters. He came to us, for us, to fulfill the prophecies of Himself and to fulfill His own commandments to us. Jesus subjected himself to the Fathers will, knowing that we could not do it our own self. Jesus accomplished what we could and can not do. He died our death, becoming our sin payment on the cross so that we may live. What a Love is this? My words will only limit the awesomeness of love that He is and gives freely to those who ask. ThanK You Jesus. Blessed is the man who hears the word and keeps the Word(Luke 11:28).


I want to be in and apart of the river flowing in life. A vessel filled with cool, clear, clean, life giving water. I can only be this way by way of surrendering to the element of Love, that is Jesus. The surrendering to Yeshua is paramount to us becoming as He is. We can not serve two Gods and expect any real change for the betterment of ourselves. Whom are we flowing with? What are we flowing in? And what is flowing within us? The spirit of this world or the Holy Spirit. In 2 Timothy 3 there is a clear indication of what is going on in the present times. I would like to put emphesis on 2 Timothy 3:7 in that many of us are ever learning and not able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Can others see the fruits of the Holy Spirit within me ? Am I consistantly moving forward with Him, Walking it out in Jesus, becoming as He is in me? Am I genuinely being transformed by renewel of my mind
(Romans 12:1-2)? As above, so should be below. Am I putting the earthly body which is my vehicle into subjection to the word of God, that is now within my heart and mind? Or, do I still feel compelled to speak of all that I am learning of in knowledge, witnessing to others of my own doings and obtaining the knowledge for the uses of power and control? Do I know Jesus or do I know of Him? Do I let His Spirit speak for me? As I am in the One who did it all for me?
He needs to drive the vehicle, He is our witness to the doings. He is our guide, our savior, our protector, our provider, our rock the foundation and our anchor. He is our Lord and our ruler, He is our teacher and He is our councilor. Jesus is the Way, the truth and the Life, He is the water of life and life abundant. He is our first true love. He is our ransom, He is our sacrifice and our offering. He redeems us and makes us His bride. THanK You Jesus.


In the material universe ions are particles(atoms) that are charged positively or negatively. They assemble or hang out with themselves, positives with positives and negatives with negatives. However occasionally in this heavenly realm, the valley of reality, you will see a free radical negative ion leave its counterparts and free flow into a mass of positive ions and vice-versa. Over time this negative ion becomes a positive ion. Positive ions in the world of ions are not so good. Positive ions are created by pollution, certain types of light, electical storms, fabrics, candles, electical equipment, machinary and more. They contribute greatly to anxiety, depression, tension, irritability lack of energy and numerous health issues. Negative ions are actually beneficial to us and have a positive impact on the system as a part and a whole. Please further your understanding of ions thier makers and effects by reasearch if you are interested in this topic. My point here is that It would seem that we become like the ones we hang out with. Not clones, but rather sharing all things that are in common(Acts 2:44) Like minded people hang out together. Who and where we congregate will have an impact on our lives in part and as a whole. I am what I eat. Can I tell you that I absolutely love the way God has put us all together. He is the maker of all dominions, principalities and powers. They all have their governing laws set in place By Yahweh and given to rule for the one who is seated at His right hand Yeshua(Isaiah 9:6-7, Matthew 7:28-29, Matthew 28:18-20). We know the truth, that as we surround and take in to ourselves the presence of God, submitting to his will(Word) we become as He is, Yashua which is Love creates us into vessels of love. We become Flowing rivers of life, vessels filled with substance, No longer barren desert lanscapes. Amen and Amen


We are the potters work. We are the earthen jars, the holders of The Lords presence on Earth. In John 14 The teaching of our Lord, He reveals His intentions with us, to us and for us. He is making us into something new, a dwelling place within us for Himself, our Abba Father and the Holy Spirit, the kingdom and His glory. We are the fellowship of the mystery. Amen. He pours Himself, limitless and abundant.  New life and Love freely rains into our being in the spiritual body. We become another New Heaven on Earth Now( Isaiah 6:3). Yes! and they were calling out to one another.”Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory.” WOW! He shows us the way as to what is going to happen, as He transforms us into a vessel made with His own hands. We are a prize possesion of The Lord God Almighty(Duetoronomy 26:18), we are His and He is ours…..forevermore
He makes us fishers of men. More New Heavens On Earth. We become the salt of the Earth. Salt preserves and flavors, salt gives its life giving element to us for us by God.(2 kings 2:19-22) preserving us and flavoring the words and deeds of our new life in Him. No more decay and death. Behold thus says the Lord, I make all things new(revelation 21:5, Isaiah 43:19 ). The Lord wants to use us for the purposes of life and love, expanding his kingdom, the family of God.(Ephesians3:6, 2Timothy1:9, 2Peter1:4, Hebrews 3:14, Colossians 1:12, Hebrews 3:1, 1peter 4:13, 5:1, 1corinthians 10:21, Revelation 18:24) Partakers in His divine nature and plan.
Do you want more life? He says to us seek and you will find. He desires more for us, He wants to bless us with all heavenly blessings now. If we will seek Him diligently in everything, glorify Him in everything, for everything. Worship Him in every part of life, He blesses us, now, beyond what we know or can know in our fallen state of being without him. Praise to the glory of the Lord, Amen
Salvation is a free gift, worth more than all the riches in the world. However there is more than salvation and if you seek first the kingdom and his righteousness than father will pour unto you all blessings, being added unto you now. Amen


Blessed is the man who hears the word and keeps the word of God.
So, I leave you with this question, What’s in your water?
May you all be blessed more on your Journey in the river of life and love.
Our Kairos Now……pi
THanK You Yashua

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Inception(Sowing seeds in the garden and sustainable growth)


Sustainable farming was introduced in the early 1980s’ as the way to the future for agticulture. It is the presentation of the relationship between organisms in the enviroment. The study of ecosystems and their services to each other. We are the stewards of the planet and all that is here (Genesis 1:28) Everything in the physical realm, all of Earth has been put under subjection to us, for us by God the Father.
We are the caretakers of the Lords creation. And we are reaping what we and others before us have sown.
There is nothing new under the sun as king Solomon so cleary speaks of in the book Ecclesiates(1:10). Who came up with the idea for sustainable farming, or the idea of reaping what we
sow? Surely we can not say that in thousands of years of written and oral history that sustainable farming wasn’t thought of until A.D. 1980. There is no idea that is new under the sun,  No-thing new. Same Earth, Same Elements as in the beginning of creation, being manipulated with alchemy and metalurgy, presented as something new. Same ideas, Same teachings from the beginning being presented in different fashions, different packages according to the era we are born into.


I am, is the same in the beginning, now and in the end, forever more. We are the ones who change, or rather become more of who we are as time progresses and our experiences in this life compile one on top of the other. Our choices define us and lead us to our destiny or fate, rewards or consequences are the recompence for the decisions we make. (Galatians6:1-10). Yashua wants us to be as He is, unmoveable and unchangable in Him, in us. God is Love and life(1John) and He and He alone can transform us into His likeness, being transformed by the renewing of our being in Jesus.
The question at hand, that we must ask ourselves, here and now, is what do we want?  What tree are we eating from? The tree of good and evil which is not so good, we all know that this tree leads to death as Adam and Eve experienced and witnessed of. The fruit which causes us to be in constant motion, ocillating continually between the two(good and evil) walking us down the path of no return. Or are we eating of the tree of life and love?  (Ephesians 2:1-7, Ephesians 6:8, Revelation 2:7). The tree the Lord says we can eat from, The tree of rest, loving when it is good and loving when it isn’t so good. Loving them when they love you and loving them when the hate you. Redeeming the time in kairos, (quality time with Yashua), for the days are evil(Ephesian 5:16) Whom are we following, and what is our our ultimate destination, personally and corporately? What are we sowing in our daily walk? What is the fruit evidence of in our life?


Sustainable farming is what the Lords work is. He sustains us while we farm. He gives us everythin we need. We as partakers in His works ought to be focused on His kingdom, not our own. He is the land owner and He is the master of the House. His plan works.
Matthew 13:3-9, Matthew 13:18-23, Mark 4:3-32, Luke 13:18,19
Matthew 13:24-30
Earth and everything on it will pass, but His word and His love go on forever. His word does not come back to Him void, it is as the rain falling to the ground and the dew and mist that rises in the morning.
When yoked with Yashua the plot of ground given to till is blessed and fruitful. Let the Lord be the Lord and in you and have no fear, You believe in God also believe in the one who did it all for you and with you. No one who puts a plow to the ground looks back and if you stumble or fall your brother Jesus is there to help you back up(grace).

Listen, Listen, Love, Love

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Hurry up, we’re dreaming


There are over 100 scriptual verses about being spiritually awake.
Ephesians 5:14
Luke 21:36
Revelation 16:15
Matthew 24:42
1 Peter 1:13-14
1 Thessalonians 5: 1-28
2 Thessalonians 3:3
James 1:22-25
Revelation 3:3
Matthew 26:40-41
Ephesians 2:1-22
1 Peter 2:1-25
Here are twelve references to get your thirst going.

Our Lord Yeshua was determined to keep us awake and to be on guard against the adversary and his tactics. Yashua warned us not to fall asleep and this is just what many of us have done, fall asleep. If your buying into this worldly system chances are your sleeping in some degree or another.
In the movie “The Matrix” lawrence fishburns character (morpheus)
Asked Neo if He was awake or asleep. Neo was challanged in trying to define what was reality and what was not. He got a wake up call when the truth was presented to Him, that in fact he was asleep in the matrix. Living in bondage. This world, this place is designed to keep us in bondage and under control while using us as a power source to keep them going and laughing at us the whole time. We have become ignorant, blind and deaf. Sounds like we need the prayer of Jeremiah when he stated to the Lord that His people, the Isrealites were blind and ignorant to His ways. Leaning on thier own understanding of what the Lord wanted and being deceived in the process.
Keeping us asleep is the tactic being used along with millions of devices to keep us that way. Our adversary, the prince of this world is pulling the wool over our eyes and keeping us under wraps. How do we know wether we are awake or asleep? Scripture is the key to testing ourselves and who and what we are believing and following. The Holy Spirit confirms the truth. And the truth sets us free. Who are we following, the Lord Yashua and His way or the adversary and his worldly way?
If the light we are following is darkness than how much greater is the darkness within us when we think we are following light?
Awaken and let the sun/Son rise within your

heart and you will have the true light to light your path.
2 Timothy 2:4  “No man that warreth entangles himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who has chosen him to be a soldier.” Secular and non secular do not mix. We can not have our cake and eat it too. What concord(eveness) does the consumer have with God? None. Are we following the way of the world taking endless laps, circles in the desert? Or are we following the straight path with Jesus, in Jesus, back to our Abba Father? It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, we are not combating mere flesh and blood, but principalities and powers of darkness. Those who oppose us need only keep us asleep in our day to day lives long enough to miss our train.



What are we called to do? I believe Jesus said to us go and make disciples of the nations not converts. However it seems the adversary has infiltrated the blueplan Yashua gave to us and things are running amuck. Good news, The Lord has a plan and He has you in mind. He wants to show you something awesome about Himself and what He can do. Are you willing to get in the passanger side of your vehicle and let Him drive? Let me witness to you that you will not be disappointed. We are the children of the Living God and He has something special planned and He wants to tell you about it.
Now is the appointed time, the Kingdom is at hand, pray to Him and Relenquish control to the One who did and does it all for us and with us.
Salvation is a free gift, however the Lord wants to give you all the heavenly blessings now, and receiving His fullness now. This comes at a cost, the cost of picking up our cross and to die daily to ourselves. The cost of discipleship. The Isrealites took laps in the desert for forty years one long merry-go-round trip that wasn’t all that merry.


Its Hi time, Wake up o’sleeper and be filled with the Holy Spirit in the name of Yahushua HaMashiak.
THanK You Jesus
May you let the force awaken within you,

Abundant Grace


I recently read an article, actually a couple of articles on Grace, The grace given to us by our Lord Jesus when we receive Him as the only One who can save us from our broken and shattered lives, living in the fears, guilt and shame of our sinful nature. We are born and at a critical moment in our childhood we become aware of what is right and what is wrong.

The Beautiful gift of our Father and Lord Jesus is Mercy and reconciliation. Knowing that we all fall short and all have sinned so that He may have mercy on all who accept Him into there Lives and give Him Authority over us to transform us, heal us, and show us who He is and who we are in Him.

Grace is the favor that we receive from Him which says to us, come to me as you are, I will take you with all that is wrong with you, Bring all your baggage I will show you that you do not need it anymore. I will transform you into a new creation formed with my own hands. I will teach you, I will show you, I will fix you, I will heal you, I will protect you. I will council you, I will feed you, I will provide for you, I will be with you every step of the way, even carry you when you can not walk anymore.  I will pick you up when you fall. I will lift you to see over your walls, I will wash you and clean your dirty mess that you have made with your life. I will bring you home to our Father who loves you as the first day you were born. I will LOVE you as no one on earth can. Because I know you as no one else does. Trust me says Jesus and I will give you LIFE.

The grace from our Lord frees us from the guilt and shame of Sin. All we have to do is confess to Him that we made the mistake and to teach us something different for the next time we are tempted. We will still have consequences, What would a parent be if They didn’t discipline us? We Learn from Him to keep away what is going to hurt us and others and especially Him. He Loves us enough to give all good things to us. All we Have to do Is Listen, Listen, Love, Love.

The Grace of our Lord to us, goes ahead of in time to cut of the unfruitful branches that we make when we do things without Him steering the vehicle. The sinful nature that is inherent in all of us. He Needs to be in control. He Needs to be first in our Lives, before anyone or anything. He is our Savior from ourselves. The Lord in His Grace says to us I know the mistakes you will make already, Trust in me, give them to me, listen to my council, Do what I suggest to you to help you and I will transform you, I will fix you. Open the door to his ways and He will give you Life and Life abundant.

The adversary say to us we are not good enough for God. God says to us I will take you just the way you are because I Love you and can change you into a work of Beauty, That what He does. He is an artist, Our Father who art in Heaven. Trust in His Son Jesus, and Jesus will give you the grace(freedom) to follow Him to our Abba Father.

Jeremiah 29:11 ” For I Know the plans I have for you”  says the Lord, ” Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Accept His plan for you and Know the Grace he gives and you will become more than you can even Imagine. Jesus in You with the Kingdom of God our Father residing in His Body Temple, YOU.

May the Lord Bless you on your Journey Home in the Grace and Favor of our Lord. Amen

Our God Saves!


Today is the day the Lord Yashua created for us. Me, Him and all His creations together. Today is the day the 2 become 1 and so many more, in the Body of our Lord and Savior. THanK You Jesus, THank You Jesus in all of us, Together in our forever family within our Father, Our Father of Lights. I am complete In Him and He in me with all uf us together as one. The grace bestowed on us is beyond my words to describe the infinite Love within and without. I am in Awe of Our Lord, Our Father.

One year ago I awoke to the fact that I was dead and dying. I had nothing within me to carry me forward. Nothing, I was depleted of all resources within myself to go any further. But I didn’t want to die, even though I knew I was already dead.

I awoke and knew what I needed to do. I put my feet on the floor and began my search for the Truth. I simply asked Him to reveal Himself to me I would give it a year. On April 23 2014 I began a journey with Him that has been beyond anything I ever could have ever imagined or hoped for. What a Awesome God we have. He Loves us beyond what anyone else can. His fullness of the Love that He is and gives to usward is truly beyond words. Our words limit our ability to express who Yah is and what He can do. This is why we have the Holy Spirit to intervene for us. We are soooo Loved by Jesus, He yearns for us, He bekons us, He woos us to Himself. For the purpose of Love. He is Love and He wants us to learn Love. Agape Love which only He can give.

I, today do not wake up angry, suicidal, depressed and without hope, addicted, lonely, bitter or any of the number of the devils attached to me as an unsaved soul. Today I am free but not perfect. Today I Live because He Lives. Today I Love because He first Loved me. He Loves you, me and all the souls of the world. For God so Love the world, that He gave His only begotten Son Yeshua, that all who woul believe on Him would have everlasting, abundant Life in Him. He and He alone created us for His good pleasure. We are the fruits of His labor, not our Labor. We can not fix ourselves, Only He can do that with our surrender to His Way, the Truth and we receive His Life. Today is the day He created for us. You, me and all of His creations. Now is the appointed time, Now is the Kingdom of God at hand. NOW… Please give yourself to the one who Loves you. The One who you can count on to take you to the Father of Lights.
THanK You, Yahweh

If you have not given Him the control of your vehicle yet, Then give Him His place in the drivers seat,  He won’t steer you in the wrong direction. He’s gentle and He Loves you and will not leave or forsake you. There will be the storms and bumpy roads, the mountains and valleys and potholes. But He has this, He and He alone will deliver you to the Father, The Father of Lights. May the Lord Bless you on your journey home. Amazed at His Grace. Amen

The Christian Walk of Faith


My name is gary and my message today is simple. God Loves you and so do I.

If you Haven’t tried the Christian walk of Life then stop what your doing and give yourself to Jesus. Now is the appointed time, He tells us, Not tomorrow, Not tonight, Not in the morning. NOW!

  • He is the only one who can save you from yourself. We have been blinded, We are poor and we are stuck on survival mode to keep us down in the mire. Well I am here to say that, I Am says to me and you, to open the door to freedom. Freedom from oppression, Freedom from addiction, Freedom from bitterness and anger, Freedom from fear, Freedom from the world. The Lust of the eyes, The lust of the flesh and the pride of Life. He will free you, He and He alone can heal you. Call out to Him, He is there with you he always was, He always is and always will Be.

O’ Holy Spirit awaken us to our Kairos, Our special time with You Jesus.

Awaken us from our sleep, To Your Light and Your Love.

Jesus Loves You and so do I